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For over 28 years, we've been repairing shoes of all kinds and sizes for men, women and children. Our highly skilled cobblers can help repair any shoes, whatever the damage done to them.

Shoe repairs services

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Why choose Fishers Locksmiths Services?

When it comes to shoes, our knowledge and experience knows no boundaries. Whatever the type of shoe repair you need, and whatever type of shoe you have, we'll be able to assist you and get your shoes looking like a completely different pair. You can even sit in and wait while we do it!

What type of shoe repairs do you need?

Shoes of all materials can be repaired

Whether you've got a pair of heels that need re-heeling, or men's leather shoes that need to be re-soled, we'll make your shoes look like brand new again.

Shoes come in many different colours and materials, and at Fishers Locksmiths Services, we have the experience and knowledge to treat all types without a problem.

For shoe repairs services, call us now.


01253 345 317