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Have you got something in your safe that you need to get to, but you've misplaced the key? Or has someone tried to gain access to it and left a damaged lock in their wake? Let us know and we'll help.

Safes opened and replaced

Why choose Fishers Locksmiths Service?

If you can't open your safe, can't find your keys and think they've got into the wrong hands, we can replace the locks or the safe for you at a moment's notice. The safety of your possessions is paramount and our efficient and swift service is on call to help you when you need us as quickly as possible.

Safe opening and re-entry services

Safe replacements if you need a re-entry

If you need to get into your safe, and you need to get into it now, our locksmiths can be there for you. If you've lost your key, we can gain you re-entry with minimal disruption to the lock.

After gaining re-entry to your safe, we can replace it for your complete peace of mind. You'll know that no one else has access to it except for you going forward.

For safe opening or replacements, contact us. Phone:

01253 345 317