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Have you gone shopping and gone back to the car only to realise you've lost your car keys? We can come out to your car to gain you access as quick as possible and copy you a replacement key.

Replacement car keys

Why choose Fishers Locksmiths Services?

Replacement car keys can take a while to get back to you but if you need one swiftly, we'll do our best to prioritise your request to get you back on the road. Whatever type of car key you need, whether a manual or a digital remote control, we can create a copy for.

Re-entry into your car whatever the time

Replacement car keys if you've lost yours

If you need to get back into your car because you've misplaced the key, let us know any time of the day and we'll be there as soon as we can to get you back into your car.

Whatever model of car you have, we can create a copy of your key if you've lost yours. Copying a key takes a little longer than regular key cutting, but it's just as effective.

Need a replacement car key? Call us now.


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car key and fob on a key ring